Eagle Scout project brings music to Montgomery school
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Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Ninth grader Riley Davis is completing his Eagle Scout project.

For the past year and a half, he’s worked hard building bird houses to sell.  So far, he’s sold $2500.00 worth of them.
His charity?  
A school was built in Montgomery, Alabama, about 20 minutes from Riley’s hometown of Tallassee.  Johnnie Carr Middle School, named for the Civil Rights icon, was built with a nice new band room facility.  There were chairs and music stands.  But a very important feature was missing.
Band instruments.
Carr Middle School spent its first couple of years operating on donated instruments from the community, but never had enough for all the students in its district who wished to join the band.
Riley decided that he’d make band instruments his Eagle Scout project.
And so, for well over a year now, Riley has been out at pawn shops and yard sales, wheeling and dealing for instruments.  He’s used the money from his birdhouses to buy and refurbish old horns.  
And he’s far surpassed his goal.
Riley has piled up over $9,500 worth of band instruments — enough to outfit an entire band at Johnnie Carr Middle School.
On Thursday, May 11, Riley will be presenting this truckload of instruments at the Carr Middle School spring concert.
And strangely enough, the school just hired a new band director.  The new director actually grew up in the Tallassee area and attended the same church as Riley’s family.  It really is a small world.
But that world is going to be far more musical now that Riley Davis is Carr Middle School’s “music man.”